Africans Being Called Stupid Justified

Western philosophers wrote about African Stupidity. For example, G. W. F. Hegel. Another example is Professor James Watson, the 2007 noble price winner for chemistry. He observed that a black person bears gene for idiocy. I, as The Oboiro, have noticed in my interaction with the African as spiritual counselor, that there indeed is some fundamental behavior of us Black people, which seem to justify being described as stupid.
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Africans Being Called Stupid Justified

Post by Oboiro500 » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:13 pm

We can cure us of stupidity by taking appropriate practical steps in our religious practices.

Western philosophers wrote about African Stupidity. For example, G. W. F. Hegel did. Another example is Professor James Watson, the 2007 noble prizewinner for chemistry. He observed that a black person bears gene for idiocy. I had been a fighter against these expletives for a long time. (For example TOC ... okid=56966). But, discoveries in the field are reforming me.

Some examples in everyday life, show that use of these words are not only in “ancient” literature. Recently on LinkedIn, one member in our group reported how a client with “Caribbean background” consulted her over her problem. The woman’s boyfriend had left her for another woman. She wanted the member to use her psychic powers to compel him to return to her.

Some members who commented used the word stupid to describe her, for her attitude. They said she was stupid wanting to use psychic powers to force him back. “Psychic power” here translates to witchcraft or voodoo power. The other day, one of the major contenders for nomination to be presidential candidate of a major party in the USA, said Africans were “lazy fools” who stole the money of their Government to invest in the USA. Stupid and foolish are trite expletive used frequently to describe the African.

I, as The Oboiro, have noticed in my interactions with the African (in Africa and in Diaspora) as a spiritual consultant, that there indeed are some fundamental attitudes of us Black people, which seem to justify being described as stupid. Oracles of African Gods such as the Ifa (or Oronmila), or its priests called Babalawos display attitudes consistent with stupidity in sight of non-Africans. Mental aptitudes of those who consult Ifa cannot be different from that of their God and priesthood. (I chose Ifa as example, because Ifa is popular among America Blacks, European Blacks, and in Southern Western Nigeria.)

The Ifa oracle suggests, for example, that people should tie day-old chick around the throat of a person at the throes of death. They believe noise made by the chick would scare away death were it to approach the terminally ill.
Polling in Nigeria some years ago was by voters filing behind the poster or representative of a candidate. Polling officers count them. He records them. The candidate who had the longest line was adjudged winner.
Political elections are hotly pursued in Nigeria. Candidates, their friends, and families seek support of Gods, ancestors, and spirits to win.

My uncle, for example, sought to ensure victory of his preferred candidate. We went to an Ifa priest or babalawos, at his behest, to manipulate voters who were going to line up. When we consulted the priest, so did the priest consult Ifa; he produced a typical solution.

He recommended we bring sixteen of a certain bug (in addition of course to animals to be killed as sacrifice.) This bug is size of a housefly. Its peculiarity was mode of hiding in dust. It digs in into sand hind first, moving backward. The chief priest divined it for this reason. The babalawo used them for Ifa ritual and juju. He assured us, the voters lined up in front of the poster of the opponent of my uncle’s candidate would “move backward,” as does the insect. They would miraculously leave the queue of opponents of my uncle’s candidate and join the queue of his candidate.

Election came and my uncle’s candidate did woefully. My point is this: belief, as this is mark of stupidity to non-Africans. Some argue that Africans who live by ancestor worship and cultism who think this way were applying a “logical type” unintelligible to a western mind. I do not observe any consistency to warrant talking of logical type here, in trying to position their attitudes. It is muddle of words and acts, lacking configuration or gestalt; it is muddled mess of ideas and images—a state of confusion or chaos.

Home Trouble

We have what we call “home trouble.” Spiritual troubles that manifest in lives, whose causes owe to witchcraft in the home or family are home troubles. They are troubles created for us primarily by members of our immediate biological families such as biological ancestors of direct lineage and their descendants. Others include parents, spouses, in-laws, neighbors, co-tenants, schoolmates, club mates, enemies among others with whom we are in constant interaction or communication. Because we belong to the group as outlined here, we are in zone or domain where witchcraft by family members determines our misfortune. Those who live by religious practices of Ancestor Worship and Cultism are captured as victims of “home trouble.”

Research elsewhere in the world is divination in Africa owing primarily to home trouble. Africans consequently neglect other applications of divination (reasoning, or research), as for examples, “Why am I on earth? What shall be my end? What is my true position in the fate and fortune of my family, Country or Race? How shall we better the lives of our Race or human Race? What must we do to replace or re-establish the restraint on episteme (applying witchcraft to create home trouble)?

How do we overcome the nuisance of tyranny, ritual magic, impunity, demonology, cannibalism, idolatry, cultism, witchcraft, voodoo, etc.?”
Africans have no word for MEDITATION! Divination is the closest. (TOC ... okid=56966 Chapter 8) “Home trouble” therefore makes progress impossible, especially in sciences, technology, and so on, because it leaves us no room to reflect over other issues of human existence. We have no word (or time for that matter) for philosophizing or logical disputation. We have palavering in their stead.

Categorizing Africans As Stupid Justified

I am not here to paint the African Blacks white. Yes, Gods, ancestors, and their African descendants or worshipers in current generation can be termed stupid justifiably. “If we have failed in some respects, nature or our genes are not to blame, but the priesthood; otherwise God or gods, and ancestors are to blame, who either appointed the priests or allow them to poison us or continue to misdirect our creativity. They do not only misdirect our creatively, they stifle it and make the relevant faculty unable to perform.” (ibid)

Witchcraft entities from them take over functions of the mind, replacing it. Attributes of stupidity of their witchcraft entities now define the African. Because the causes of the stupidity originate in them, we can cure us of stupidity by severing relationships with them.
Since the causes of our stupidity are not in our genes, changing relationships with Gods, ancestors, and oracles will cleanse us of stupidity. Starting must be stopping reliance on the priesthood, men-of-God, and women-of-God. We must replace them in our lives with PUISSANCE that emanates through our being and holy Mounts.

We have the intelligence and wisdom if we endeavored to seek and research our true original nature and structure of our minds. Our true origin must be the origin of the starters of OSAGBAYE--the spiritual Earth, mystical universe of reality, mysteries, life, spirituality, and puissance. This would reveal what our minds could be if we overcame the witchcraft entities that have replaced them. Evidence will emerge on its own, not as rebranding, but as revelation of bare facts and history.

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