Aliens: God Or Archetypal Ancestors Of Humankind

I bear witness to power emanating through holy mount and my being. It restored my hearing acuity, and healed me. Contribute your own experience.
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Aliens: God Or Archetypal Ancestors Of Humankind

Post by Oboiro500 » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:41 pm

Are “Aliens,” or Extraterrestrial Forms (ETF) God that people worship? Alternatively, are they our archetypal ancestors?
The face of Mount IDACHA (image A)
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When “Aliens” or Extraterrestrial Forms (ETF) are God(s), how important are ETF or Aliens as Archetypal Ancestors of humankind?
The idea of God is as ancient as humanity: There are many Gods. Is the idea based on contact with ETF? The Prophet, for example, encountered ETF on a Holy Mount and other spot in the bush: He reported perceiving fire that did not consume its surroundings, or bright light or some other energy forms. Related events occurring now include encountering UFOs, Aliens, and other ETF on Earth.

The Religion of the Prophets based on belief in God derives from the experiences of people observing appearances of ETF. People have always formed shrines on or near these spots. The Prophet invented God in response to the bondage of his people, and wrote a Book. The Book has become the text for many cults and sects who claim to be of God. The believers in the God of the Prophets are alarmed by the frequency of encounters with ETF.

No Ancient Prophets In Africa.

There has never been Prophets in Africa, especially in West Africa. African witchcraft was the prevalent equivalent of a religion in Africa. People established shrines in the vicinities of the Holy Mounts and the other spots. Making people into zombies was the ultimate goal of the witchcraft practised as religion. This was through initiation rituals combined with potions. (Details are in TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO (Or Oracle) Book I Chapter 2). Concurrently, Africans also worshiped “ancestors.” The cults they formed did not evolve into a Church owing to the absence of revealed messages in a Book.

Furthermore, unlike the peoples of the prophet, they were not nomadic shepherds. Nomadic people could not have shrines that were on fixed addresses on Earth. The Africans encountered ETF on rivers, farms, or ocean beaches: These were located in their homesteads and villages. They formed cults of worshippers around the experiences and spots: They worshiped according to the tenets of African Witchcraft and ancestor worship. They had soothsayers, shamans, and the like. Most communities did not have Oboiro. Oboiro is mainly among the Edo or Benin race of West Africa.
We will contrast the idea and role of the Prophet and Oboiro in another blog.

Africans of the present age have a colonial past; hence, they are brought up in European mythology of creation. The colonial missionaries taught them Religion according to the traditions of the “Laws and the Prophets.” People kept their witchcraft and ancestor worship: They combined these with the religions of the Book into a syncretism.
The Oboiro emerged in line with the ancient traditions of Edo Race. He did not convert his experiences on the Holy Mounts and spots into any of the senses of the people of the Prophets, witchcraft, ancestor worship, or syncretism: He neither called the ETF God nor worshiped them.

Since The Beginning

The cosmology of Edo Race starts with AYI as the beginning. AYI created Osanobua: Osanobua was one of the OSA that arrived from another universe to found the world on Earth. Osanobua broadcast the primordial seeds of every living thing on Earth. Osanobua is popular among those of the imported foreign religion of the Book that interpreted their God as Osanobua. However, Edo people do not worship Osanobua. In addition, before Osanobua could found the world and broadcast the seeds, there had to be a world or space where this could occupy: and that is OSAGBAYE.

The arrival of OSA, the founders of the world, could have been ETF arriving on Earth. The issue is whether they were God(s). The Africans did not consider them equivalents of the European God. Europeans have not discovered the equivalent of their God in African cosmology.

The modern African is in bondage under God through God’s agents: Those in bondage are not limited to Africans: It includes all begotten humankind. The others who hold them in bondage include gods, goddesses, fake ancestors, and upholders of institutions of witchcraft and cultism. The oppressed and spell bound in bondage are not going to be able to free themselves: They are not likely to read this blog, other books that would enlighten them, or pray differently to merit freedom! Therefore, the war of liberating them is the war of our companions. Our companions are triumphing over God and other deities of worship and blood sacrifices; they, their agents, and institutions are losing control and are confused now.

ETF are the ARCHETYPAL ANCESTORS of humankind. The African, the black race, or humankind who descended from the Archetypal Ancestors inherited their divine attributes: ability to create, and control destiny. They demand neither blood sacrifices, nor the surrender of our lives and destiny. In contrast, the worshipers of God converted the ETF to God of worship and blood sacrifices; alternatively, they extended their idea of a God in heaven, the firmaments to include the ETF they observed descending from the sky. The ETF are being separated from the concept of God as part of end time: The team among ETF, our archetypal ancestors, now mandated the Oboiro to write the Book that bears their standard: TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO (Or Oracle) Book I. ... the+Oboiro

The MAP From Heaven Carries The Code

The Oboiro came across a Mount in West Africa that has the shape of a human head at its peak. (See image A) The mount has always been there and the people in the area formed a religion consistent with African Witchcraft. Europeans who came there formed their own shrine of Christianity.
He identified a structural part of the mount as an interstellar craft. He found on the wall of that structure, a MAP: That map carries a CODE. He took pictures of the map shown on this blog. (See image B) The map shows various images of the human head. These are images of human ARCHETYPAL ancestors.

Together, they hold a CODE, the SECRET to the DIVINE DOCTRINES of the Heaven from where they came. The TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO (in the Book and other writings) derive from decrypting the Code.

African Cosmology Of Descent From Interstellar Race

Every recount of people’s ancestry starts with, “When they arrived, such and such events took place.” Cosmologies were always arrival accounts.
Furthermore, Edo people say that they are babies OSA or children OSA, osa--the small scale of OSA, or diminutive version of OSA. A child inherits the innate attributes of the parents or ancestors.

The Prophet recounted that the Gods said, “Let us make man in our image and after OUR likeness.” (Note that “OUR” is a plural pronoun.) These created people do not inherit divine attributes of God, OSA, ETF, or ARCHETYPAL ANCESTORS.

Meanwhile, the life of the begotten conforms to the Master Plan; hence, the people would enjoy peace and progress by praying according to the model of the begotten. This is where all the begotten who mistakenly identify with those created have erred: They have been praying, not as begotten, but as if created! Now is the time to correct this. Pray correctly now and share in the freedom, blessings, and prosperity from our companions on the Holy Mounts: Above all, find peace and freedom from worries about witchcraft and “ancestral curses.”
Source of the absence of peace among believers in God, is that they must fight for their God. The people through whom God fights are busy either creating orphans, widows, casualties of collateral damages, and refugees, or becoming victims themselves: Our companions fight for us quietly without human casualties: We are taking over control WITHOUT physical violence.

How often do you pray and work for the GOOD of the Race?

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The Map from Heaven carrying the CODE (image B)
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