Be healed from all sicknesses and Delivered From ISUSU—Ancestral Curses, Curses Of Witchcraft And Black Magic, etc.

It is for general INTRODUCTION of any topic for which you want information and advice or clarification. It should be the first point of contact.

Sate your concerns here. For example, about a dream state experience. We invite reports and comments about challenges you have in trying to control your destiny.

You can field questions like, "What is the meaning of my dream? Describe essential elements in the dream. I used my LiveAxe but . . Does anyone have advice.... .
I have ARUOKUN. Can anyone tell me . . .
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Be healed from all sicknesses and Delivered From ISUSU—Ancestral Curses, Curses Of Witchcraft And Black Magic, etc.

Post by Oboiro500 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:47 am

When healed through the powers of the Oboiro and companions on the holy mounts, every evil in your life will quench and gone away forever. Your creativity will sprout and grow forever.

“More importantly, they revealed the knowledge of how to clear the barriers at the threshold of the Holy Mounts. The barriers separated humankind in general and the African in particular from the Holy Mounts. . . . (Whence come healing, prosperity, and Salvation).” (TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO the Kindle Version p20) The moment you were separated, you became an easy prey. This is the secret: the innate endowed Ogun (energy) in you will be unleashed; you will be healed and freed from your sufferings and tribulations. This would follow the moment you started praying with the Oboiro.

Some of the victims of ISUSU have told the Oboiro many times, “You do not understand the true nature and source of my problems.” You are resisting Oboiro’s call because they are spellbound or spiritually “gagged.”The true nature and source of their problems were consequences of their initiation into witchcraft, membership in secret societies, and involvement in cult activities. Read the persecution of The Oboiro from which his companions on the Holy Mounts protected him or healed him: “Other measures diabolic people took to prevent victims from protesting included implanting things into them, e g they attempted to “gag” the Oboiro; a member of a cult he knew stock toothpicks into his penis in the astral world. They passed invisible hooks into his body (called utagba in Edo) also in the astral. . . .

“The assault was not always spiritual or at the astral level. Members of some secret societies or witchcraft cults assigned people to monitor his “Oba Erediauwa Centre,” the OGUA ARUOKUN OKE N’ ANUBODE, (Court Yard or Holy Shrine), the official Head Quarters of ARUOKUN ANCESTRAL COMMUNITY (AAC) (See image 02). When clients visited the Centre for consultations, someone chased them away and warned them not to return. In addition, a property owner on the street went to inform the Oboiro that they turned clients away, with a warning not to repeat a call.” (ibid 117 of). (This way, they tried to prevent him from making a living: he overcame them all!)

“As the Oboiro-to-be, they persecuted me trying to break me and make me give up the MANDATE from custodians of the divine plan for the Race and humankind, and to seek membership of secret societies or cultism. The struggle yielded the content of the TESTIMONIES. They therefore inspired me through their persecutions; this gave me the experiences. “. . . His people attempted in diverse ways to commit him to initiation into (witchcraft, diabolism, and) cultism. They gave him witchcraft passions several times, beginning from his childhood, at age 12. . . . but his immunity prevailed. They persecuted him trying to cow him to join secret societies or cultism.” (See Press release of PUBLISH NATIONS.)

Our Companions On The Holy Mounts Are Real

The attached photos are from one of the Holy Mounts. The one that looks like a human head (image A) is not the work of human sculpture: It emerged on Holy Mount Idacha, the same Mount where a dweller mandated the Oboiro with a mission.

Mind you, this was not the commencement of the MANDATE of the Oboiro: We showed on that he was conceived and born for a mission. Therefore, the mandate from Holy Mount Idacha is only a specific instance that occurred during an encounter (one of many over the decades). The colony on Holy Mount Idacha convoked with the Oboiro across universes and one of them spoke on behalf of the whole colony.
Importantly, we are lucky to see an image of some of the dwellers on the body of the rock formation that looks like a ship at Lake Arigbon. We see not one, but two portraits in image “B”: this confirms that there was a colony of many dwellers. The Oboiro saw parts of the body of the one who reached out to him: One of the two images on picture “B” may well be the one. Whether or not it is, it shows that they are real, more than one, and are with the Oboiro and our COMMUNITY always.

People should resist idolising the images, ARIGBON (the Lake was named after Him) never asked to be worshiped. The interactions with members of the Colonies on the Holy Mounts were not religious as such. For example, we do not genuflect or touch the ground with our heads: we did not offer any blood offering or slaughter animals. They are with us always who would pray as the Oboiro has always done—and WITHOUT blood.
As the Oboiro celebrated in an earlier blog (See “I Bear Witness” viewtopic.php?f=21&t=9&p=29&hilit=heari ... 24a203#p29 ), ARIGBON restored his hearing acuity, and healed him completely. You too would be healed if you prayed as Oboiro did and pray with him. This point is important: you will be healed without physical contact—no lying on of hand for example. Distance is no limitation, gender or faith is no limitation. You need not be converted or involved in any formal ritual—no commitment or insistence of giving up your church, cult, religion, or ways of worship.

This is the power of the Deliverance in the way of “praying” and healing through cooperation with our companions on the Holy Mounts. Find out more by pasting your inquiries here: viewforum.php?f=22&sid=cd866003b19c9b68eb42aa033419b5c3
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