POWER From Above For This Generation

We are often caught between tradition, the expectations of the Society in which we live, and where we derive our faith in actuality. During crises, we must act according to the dictates or expectations of one or the other, namely, the sustainers of our existence, realistic helper expected in the situation, or the “stranger” that eventually solves the problems, even when we did not invoke it.
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POWER From Above For This Generation

Post by Oboiro500 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:59 pm

Based on, TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO (OR ORACLE) BOOK I, The Interpretations Of Experiences On The Holy Mounts

You will gain comprehensive protection, and access continuous POWER under companionship with the Holy Mounts: The companions will fight for you, all the battles against your enemies, while you build up energy to succeed, and develop control ability over your destiny. It is FREE.
Oboiro’s mother brought him up alone. Things were rough owing to a curse put on her and her children by a relative who was a member of a witchcraft Cult. (See details in the Book I)

She worked so hard for their survival that he often prayed for help from God on her behalf. The PRAYERS did not yield anything. He sought help without understanding or the knowledge. He needed the POWER before PRAYERS can work; this was the secret. Power should come before prayer.
“Who prays for the good of “The Race” nowadays? Jewish people have their Rabbi, Muslims have Sufis and Imams or Mullahs, Christians have their Jesuits and religious Orders, the Hindus have their Brahmins, etc. Who have we that look after our good, inclusive of our spiritual interests—individual or collective good?” (See, TAKE OVER CONTROL, Without Physical Violencehttp://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/take-ov ... 1438946559 (Chapter One)

Those in bondage like his mother and her children could not free them, or seek their own “good,” because the curse and its jinx burdened them financially and paralyzed them spiritually: surviving and meeting the demand of “ancestral curses” became their only perceptible GOOD. Hence, help would have to come from above; it should come to the POWERLESS. The powers should take over fighting their wars and battles.
He discovered as he grew up, that their situation was typical of all Africans and their descendants worldwide! The differences were only in the specific source of the curse that drained the power of people utterly.

What Is The Good Of The Race?

The concept of the “good” of the race applies differently to various races. The good of the “African” is necessarily different from their oppressor-race, enemies, and adversaries, especially the witchcraft cults. He was seeking the secrets of powers to free themselves from the yoke of sorcery, religion, and witchcraft—ancestral curses to many.

The secret key to Prayer was with the Companions on The Holy Mounts. The Holy Mounts is the only hope for humankind. Before every religion, the Holy Mounts were. At the beginning when the Founders arrived, there were no Prophets or God; its holy or true names were unknown: There was no Religion. The Founders PRAYED to start the world on Earth despite not having God or a Religion.
They begot human beings. There were oracles or Eboiro (plural of Oboiro) right from the beginning. The Oboiro interpreted, as they still do, the SOUNDS from the Holy Mounts. The colonies of dwellers were always on the Holy Mounts. We have a MAP of that realm on the ROCK that resembles a spacecraft. (See image B)

Identify With The Correct Source Of Power

We do not take for granted that God, of the Prophets or in the traditions of the West, is the only or main source of spiritual Power on Earth. We examined the evidence to identify the alternative in the lives and mentality of the African and other peoples.

The life for Africans is a constant battle with invisible, spiritual, and witchcraft enemies, on one hand, and their visible priesthood and agencies on the other hand: the battles require constant sourcing for the specific POWER.

“Africans all over Africa and elsewhere either recognised Ogun or considered it in life. Ethnographers and tourists, who first interviewed the common people in Africa, mistakenly translated Ogun as “god of iron.” An Ogun shrine/altar was in every home: Its cults were in every community. Most people wore artefacts infused with it. (Infusing Ogun into artefacts suggests that it is not an entity or God.)

“Witnesses in Nigerian courts, for example, to date swear by Ogun before giving evidence when the witness was neither a Christian nor a Muslim. Judicial secular authorities recognised that the witnesses feared Ogun as Christian and Muslims ought to fear God or Allah—they would not lie under such oaths. Ogun was in effect equal to God, Allah, and their equivalents in the lives of people.

“Africans inherited ubiquitous Ogun, including in their bodies. Governments, various political institutions, cults; ancestor worshipers revved the Ogun in their members purposefully. Citizens in countries and communities where military training was compulsory, Ogun “rode” most people; the Ogun in them was revved during training, and before going to battle. So were the citizens of societies in ancient times where hunting and intertribal strife was endemic in Africa, and elsewhere. They revved the Ogun in them during the frequent war and hunting dances and rituals. (See TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO (Or oracle) Book I,https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss ... the+Oboiro Interpretations of the experiences on the holy Mounts, (Revised) “Ogun The Ebo”) Conclusively, OGUN is the only correct alternative to God in African cosmology and faith (and the ENERGY source for POWER).

The management of OGUN, NOT the worship of OGUN, is the secret of PRAYER: This was absent in the lives of the Oboiro-to-be, his mother, and all powerless begotten peoples. The singular source of power for prayers, therefore, is the puissance emanating through the Holy Mounts and our beings. (Re. DOCTRINE ON THE HOLY MOUNTS)

The Book

The Race had no holy or revealed Book as guide, until the Oboiro wrote the TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO (Or oracle) Book I, Interpretations of the experiences on the holy Mounts. The powers behind some of the revealed witchcraft secrets, sought to prevent exposing them in writing. They battled the Oboiro spiritually, psychically, and physically. (See details in the Book I) The companions on the Holy Mounts intervened, fought the battles, and protected him.

This way he discovered through experience that they fought their battles and his battles. Importantly, the powers and means of winning the eternal war with the spiritual, witchcraft enemies, their priesthood and agencies, now imbues the Book I—owning the Book transfers the same protection to you as emerged during those battles.

This Book surpasses those written by others who were inspired, because the book of TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO (Or Oracle) Book I, bears the original message—not interpretations of interpretations of interpretations . . . of the original revealed message.

The Book From The God(s)

It has been the tradition to call non-humans God(s) who interact with the people they chose: They include OSA, the Founders of the world, and their descendants who dwell on the Holy Mounts. They chose the Oboiro from birth for a mission; they asked the Oboiro to write as part of achieving the mission. They monitored the writing as stated in the Introduction of the Book. They supplied content where necessary, and modified misleading passages; they fought associated battles that would have prevented the author publishing the Book. However, our companions on the Holy Mounts demand neither worship nor sacrifices from the Oboiro (or anyone with whom the Oboiro interacted over the decades). We only require following their paradigm for PRAYING and drawing on the OGUN (the puissance emanating through the Holy Mounts and our beings) of the Holy Mounts. the puissance emanating through the Holy Mounts and our beings.

Join the Oboiro in prayer and learn. (See Chapter 13, PRAYING)

The book is available in paperback at Amazon.[url]C:\Users\R. D. HARGAALGA\Documents\MyBlogger\LinkedIn\Community\: https:\www.amazon.com\s\ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=testimonies+of+the+Oboiro[/url] You may download the eBook version from Kindles https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_no ... the+oboiro, if you can. Otherwise, people can either purchase or download it from here.
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The MAP of Heaven on the rock that was a spacecraft. (Image B)
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