LiveAxe Hidden Mystical Powers: 4. Without Blood

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LiveAxe Hidden Mystical Powers: 4. Without Blood

Post by Oboiro500 » Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:52 pm

Atom Bomb or Ebo artifacts to unleash Ogun on the World

LiveAxe Works Without Blood Offerings, As Every Genuine Ebo Ought To

The LiveAxe is an example of a mystical means for psychic warfare that does not rely on blood offering to execute a task. The opposite types are the idols, artifacts for witchcraft or obeah; those include mojo, voodoo dolls, and juju. The typical person does not know the difference. That is dangerous.

People often acknowledge that ebo, as artifacts with mystical power, are indispensable in Psychic Self-Defense (PSD), in combating psychic attacks from spiritual enemies. Correct ones will disarm enemies or render them incapable of succeeding when they try to hurt you with obeah, witchcraft, mojo, or juju. However, the people often regret aloud that there is no honest obo, (Ebo master) nowadays and hence no dependable reliable mystical artifact for PSD. Most believe we have only impostors nowadays.

Hence did the PUISSANCE that emanates through the Mounts, the Oboiro, and what Oboiro creates raise an Oracle in our age. He is to create artifacts as true Ebo masters ought to. True ebo is infused with powers from transcendent realms, which only an oracle can mediate.

The world had lost the craft to create true ebo. Instead, we have idols, juju, voodoo dolls, etc. They are creations of witch doctors and others steep in sorcery. Their artifacts perform as members of covens or astral entities. We call such artifacts ebor. Their defining standard is their creators envisaged that they are regularly fed with blood. Without blood, they can do nothing.

Witchcraft And Idols For Sorcery At End Of The World

The increase in witchcraft and sorcery, as another mode of violence in the world, is part of the signs of the end of the world. Most religions and traditions predict the end of the world. Many acknowledge that we are already in the period. However, most who preach it do not reflect over the real import of what they preach. Will the earth return to its molten state? Will everything on the surface of the earth go up in flames? Will the surface of the earth submerge, and every living thing drowned?

The Oracle unveils The Revelation of the world ending in the true sense. The world ends when chaos overwhelms it. The end starts when it shrinks under the gravity of Ogun of Ebo. Ogun is “power of transmutation, change, and death” in the universe. Mystical ebo artifacts as LiveAxe, explosive devices, and the atom bomb are portable packages of Ogun (as energy). I discuss this extensively elsewhere.

The Present civilization thrives on expending blood: the blood of war, the blood of rituals, the blood of witchcraft, and blood for appeasing vexatious ancestors. The world of Witchcraft and blood rituals is ending. That means your end unless you abandon sorcery, blood rituals, and allied necromantic practices. Join us at Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC). (Post inquiries or request to join at The WITNESS SUPPORT COMMUNITY viewforum.php?f=22)

World of science and Ebo will replace it. Ogun of those is already driving world history. All values will be trans-valuated; the values based on witchcraft and ritual murder draped in colors of honor in being the victim of human sacrifice.

Appeasing Earth monsters and vexatious ancestors will cease; they will be replaced. The LiveAxe is an example of the future.
Ebo that needs blood should hunt and not burden their owners to serve them.

Owners Of Ebo That Relies On Blood Offering Are Vulnerable

Ebor, which people mistake for ebo that requires feeding with blood is a burden and not a help. Besides, and more important, it makes the owner vulnerable; because it obeys whoever feeds it. That includes the enemy you are fighting. Rather than attack, it could succumb to bribe. The targeted enemy could redirect it to hurt you, the owner.
Ebo for waging war that feeds on blood, whether genuine, should consume blood in battles.

Offering Blood Follows Rigid Ritual Of Procedure

I heard people on various occasions; say that ebo feeds on every blood, including the blood of accident victims. This is important as it points to evils witches, witch doctors, babalawos, and aligned demons perpetrate by causing fatal accidents so they could have blood. Their fake ebo (I e ebor) causes accidents as part of the intentions of their creators. They do not go to battle; they precipitate accidents or bloodbaths as when people in rage commit massacres or genocide. They often cause bloodbaths in the family.

For the avoidance of doubt, four elements are a prerequisite for sacrifice for healing or appeasing vexatious ancestors to be correct. These are,
a) That which needs to be saved or redeemed with the offering, (e g patient)
b) The God, ancestor, deity, demon, or Earth monster that is recipient of the blood, (e g vexatious ancestors)
c) The victim or animal being sacrificed, (e g goat, baby, etc.)
d) Qualified member of the priesthood to execute the sacrifice, (e g Babalawo)

Animals slaughtered in abattoirs, for example, do not count as offerings. Butchers do not dedicate the animals’ blood to any juju or deity, or in favor of healing or redeeming anyone.

Blood that drains into a river from abattoir on the banks of rivers as in Benin City (where Oba Erediauwa Centre is located) is not an offering to the god of river.
In some religions, a hunter must invoke the name of his deity before the shooting, so the game’s blood is converted into an offering. In addition, animals to be slaughtered for eating are taken to priests to dedicate their blood to the deity before slaughter.

Ogun Is Pushing End Of Present Civilization

Ogun is “power of transmutation, change, and death” in the universe. Every occurrence of war battles is a manifestation of presence or actions derivable from Ogun. Ogun gives and does not receive energy (or anything for that matter) in return. Terrorism spreading now points to a fact painful to acknowledge, namely, the world is in the twilight of an end to present Civilization. Governments and people apply Ogun without awareness of repercussions. The world needs to be brought back from the fringes of senseless application of Ogun. We need education in repercussion of its application. Those initiating bloody battles or terrorist attacks do not understand they are fitting a war that has no vanquished. It leads to self-annihilation.
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